Boys don't become men just by growing older - they need the support, guidance and blessing of their elders







The [Conflict Resolution] workshop was really, really powerful for me. I found it very helpful & enlightening.

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Building positive outcomes for boys and men

Men2Mentor helps organisations turn their boys into successful, emotionally healthy young men.


We provide a wide range of training programmes for organisations in Scotland who want to better engage and support the personal, social and emotional development and wellbeing of the boys and men they work with.


Our Clients

We work with schools, residential units, prisons, and community groups - as well as with teachers, care workers, foster carers, youth and social workers.


Our Mission

Men2Mentor Community Interest Company supports and promotes positive mental health and emotional well-being for boys and men in Scotland... and we would like to hear how we can support you in your work with young men - call us now or send an email to let us know.


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