Positive Masculinity is about me, as a man, taking responsibility for who I am and the world I want to see around me


Even though my 9 year-old son is bright and well-adjusted, as a single mum, I know something’s missing.


The only adults he regularly interacts with - at primary school and in the family – are women.


There are no adult male role models in his life… where are all the men?


Julie G





Training the Role-Models Young Men Need

Boys need men in their lives to help them negotiate the often rocky path from boyhood to manhood.


Our Trainings

By exploring, experiencing, and developing all aspects of positive masculinity, our trainings give men the tools to better support the young men they work with. In particular, we focus on:


  • communication and social skills
  • emotional literacy
  • dealing with conflict
  • building resilience & self-confidence
  • goals and motivation
  • creating stronger, more respectful and supportive relationships.


Positive masculinity encourages men to feel good about being male whilst also supporting gender equality.