What men are saying about...


Conflict Resolution (workshop)

Today has been a great experience - and a great reminder about how important it is to look after yourself. As for Men2Mentor, I can see it having a really important public health role - this stuff should be on the NHS!

DM, Breathing Space Scotland


The workshop was really, really powerful for me. I found it very helpful and enlightening. And it was very interesting to hear the stories and views of other men from a wide range of backgrounds... it was more affirmation that the kind of things I've experienced are not absolutely uncommon, and also the kind of things that I've felt are not uncommon and are not incorrect or wrong. That was really, really powerful and certainly very, very worthwhile.

BS, Principle Teacher of Pupil Support, Preston Lodge High School



Men, Masculinity and Role-Models (workshop)

I was quite nervous to start with - I'd never sat with a group of men like this before. But it's been a really positive experience and quite an eye-opener, especially for someone working with young men. Easily the best of the trainings so far. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!

JM, Care Worker, Kibble Education & Care Centre



The Joyful Man (8-week course)

It was really powerful. I've already recommended it to a friend. It was very well facilitated - the space was held very well, and I felt safe to explore and share very personal emotions and experiences.

JH, workshop participant


I felt assured that my own process and needs were in loving company and that sharing and learning together was a mighty adventurous journey indeed. It was your attentive listening to men's contributions and your intervention in men's communication, your feedback and invitations to identify and take responsibility for held judgements that i fed on most.  How you retained an awareness of the whole group whilst holding each man's input was fantastic. Thanks, David.

PD, workshop participant



Emotional Mastery (workshop)

It's been a fascinating day. I was quite sceptical at first but now I can't wait to get back and start using this stuff with my clients. Some great tools to work with - thanks.

KSH, Youth Worker, Edinburgh


I want to thank you for the Men2Mentor event and share something with you. It was really useful and it has been an interesting couple of days since. I have spent a number of years processing and understanding intellectually the things that bring me unhappiness but have never quite got to the stage of addressing them on an emotional level...

...I don’t know if it was the session the other day that has encouraged me to do this but more the straw that broke the camels back so I’d like to say thanks for that.

NM, workshop participant



Men2Mentor - and working with men in this way

I think Men2Mentor is a great idea - I'm really for boys and young men being given the opportunity for doing this sort of work.

BS, Principle Teacher of Pupil Support, Preston Lodge High School


I think it's great someone is providing personal and emotional support for professionals in this area.

LL, HomeLink


I believe it's really important to empower young boys through emotional intelligence - it's something I'm acutely aware of in my work and I look forward to sharing and learning what works with others.

RH, Instep Project


I remember what it was like as a man on my first day as a newly trained social worker - I was immediately thrown into a room by the other staff (all female) to work with two young men. There are few men working in this profession and certainly not much notice is given either to the needs of young men as men, nor to the added responsibility I felt as a lone male worker working with men. There was no support around that. So I welcome the chance to be involved and contribute to a community of men working in this field.

NS, Social (Dads) Worker, Circle Scotland


Anything that helps to take away the stigma for men working in residential care can only be a good thing.

DJ, Assistant Unit Manager, St Katharine's